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1.Why should I book through Mediosa?

Mediosa brings medical laboratories to your devices(web and mobile) Here are reasons why you should book these tests through our website:
1. Convenience: Your test samples(blood and urine) will be collected from right where you are.
2. Save money: You save up to 61% on these packages.
3. Easy access to results

2.How does home sample collection work?

Home collection is totally safe and convenient. After the confirmation of your booking(s) online, a trained medical professional (a phlebotomist) is assigned to you to collect your samples at any location and time of your choosing.

3.Should I go for a preventive health checkup?

Regular health checks are important because they can help spot health issues before they begin. They can also identify problems early before they become more serious and harder to treat. "Prevention is better than cure"

4.Can I get the sample collection done from my office?

Yes. As long as authorities over there permit our staff.

5.Will anyone else know my results?

No, your results will remain completely confidential.

6.Do I need to be fasting for my tests?

Sometimes. Fasting is usually recommended for common tests like glucose and lipid profiles.

7.Are laboratories on Mediosa certified?


8.How do I get my results?

We will email you the lab test results as a PDF file as soon as they become available (Usually 24-48 hours)